Hobbs — Email & homepage redesign

British Fashion Retailer —

Designed marketing email and evaluated present homepage design, UX and UI.

Design of the Hobbs weekly marketing for their Autumn collection of coats. Immediately doing away with the ubiquitous Arial font meant the brand was able to set itself apart from the competition within this touchpoint and refresh the previously tired aesthetic. Lifestyle photography sits above blurred shots of the Welsh countryside creating a dream-like quality, it conjures up an Autumnal feeling which reminds the customer of the imminent wet weather and need to buy a coat. Colours throughout include deep merlot red, vibrant Japanese maple leaf and mossy forest greens — all reminiscent of the season.

mobile version
desktop version

For the homepage redesign project my main aim was to minimise, elevate the brand’s look and feel and improve on the customer journey. The header is now simplified, for ease of navigation the menu sits on the same line as the search field, customer details, wish list icon and shopping basket — all of which reveal themselves on hover. The newsletter sign-up roundel floats on screen until the customer either signs up or deletes the graphic; this is such an important revenue stream for ecommerce retail so remains above the fold in front of the customer. During Sale time its best to showcase as much stock as possible to entice the customer into the site, catered for with either a triptych or carousel. The small photography dots are clickable and take the customer directly to those items featured in the shots, rather than a product listing page, so they’re able to shop efficiently from this homepage with ease. All typography is live text and all images are meta tagged so the page has a robust SEO presence on Google to drive traffic and increase organic search.

old design — cluttered typography, low resolution imagery, the company are using inconsistent fonts online to instore and print which creates a confused customer journey and user experience.
new design