Calvetron Brands Ltd — Brand Design

Fashion Retailer —

Designed main branding, business cards, head office signage, letterhead and email sign-off.

This fashion project required careful consideration and a delicate touch. The company had previously come out of administration and the new owners required a logo that not only confidently managed the expectations of the remaining staff but also instilled trust to their longstanding customers.

Google Font lockups

I began by creating font lock-ups with Google API fonts so the client’s choice would be free to use commercially across print and digital. Adhering to the one stipulation by the CEO and board that the branding should be set in lowercase and appear ‘friendly’ to the eye. The iterations worked fine, although It was clear from the outset that the three words ‘Calvetron Brands Limited’ appear too corporate for a fashion brand so I began working on more graphically lead designs pulling in elements of tailoring to soften the word lockup.

Branding concepts including a mobius strip running through a need, stitched brand acronym, and a letterpress inspired font
Emblems including needle & thread and a button
Final business cards — with the thread running around the entire card.