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Jeff Banks for Precis  |  Style Group Brands Jeff Banks for Precis  |  Style Group Brands

This project was to showcase the Jeff Banks for Precis capsule collection for SS16 featuring suits, shirts, skirts and dresses in a distinct and classic colour palette. It was easy to create a seamless user experience from the animated email overlayed with Jeff’s signature which hinted at the full collection. The landing page provided the opportunity to give the customer a better understanding of the story behind Jeff Banks and his collaboration with Precis, this was coupled with classic lifestyle photography divided elegantly into three clear sections down the page.



Email pitch  |  JANE CARR Email pitch  |  JANE CARR

Asked to submit a pitch for the Jane Carr marketing emails I designed a mood board describing the Jane Carr woman. The pitch included the following statement “She’s young at heart, fun, smart & bookish with a dry wit & no nonsense confidence others find attractive. She’s an urbanite & adores big city concrete life but has bucolic daydreams & doesn’t mind tending to her balcony plants when she’s not running around town meeting people for work & play. She’s carefree, easy-going & cash rich. She’s career driven but not career obsessed so easily finds time for the theatre, yoga, running, cultural pursuits & her tight-knit circle of friends. She mixes vintage pieces with designer brands & clever high street finds. She’s at ease with technology & possibly even works in the field itself. She loves fashion & as with her life, has fun with it.” The email itself uses high-resolution imagery, inline animation & uses the hero piece as it’s central theme.



The Gin Experience advert  |  The Telegraph The Gin Experience advert  |  The Telegraph

These full-page adverts featured across The Telegraph newspapers & magazines leading up to their Gin Experience event at The Roof Gardens in Kensington. Each masterclass sold out entirely & the event itself was a resounding success. The ‘Why gin tastes like gin’ advert required some heavy retouching so I flooded the photograph with blue ‘light’ from the right-hand side to allow the title itself greater legibility over the bottle of Plymouth gin.



Annual report  |  COBA Annual report  |  COBA Annual report  |  COBA Annual report  |  COBA Annual report  |  COBA Annual report  |  COBA

This report focused on investment within UK TV production. The COBA (Commercial Broadcasters Association) census consisted of 24 matt pages printed onto 180gsm paper with a 280gsm cover — 500 printed. Working closely with an illustrator, the report was designed primarily for government ministers & destined for Whitehall, the report needed to be clearly understandable, clean & bold to catch the attention of those with very little time on their hands. Brand colours overlayed photography, headings & graphs giving structure to the different sections. Droid Serif & Sintony fonts used.



Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs Design & art direction  |  Naturejobs

I proposed the style of this project, keen to instill a sense of classicism to the brand ‘Naturejobs’ by the use of black & white photography & concise copy. Given an open brief I devised a strategy to show mutual respect for both employee & employer whatever age, ethnic background or sex. Budget constraints encouraged me to scout internally within the company for employees willing to model. I art directed on shoot & commissioned freelance photographer Charlotte Anderson. The style is wholly inspired by Irving Penn & this in turn influenced the use of ‘American Typewriter’ font. The upsurge in web traffic from this campaign was strong & many felt it was a bold move away from any previous work.



Design & brand guardian   |  Nature Communications Design & brand guardian   |  Nature Communications Design & brand guardian   |  Nature Communications Design & brand guardian   |  Nature Communications

Solely responsible for brand management of the Nature Communications title. The first advert includes an infographic used to show the impressive & swift growth of the journal, by including the ribbons from the logo adds a clean three dimensional touch to an otherwise simple graph. The Bodoni font brings a feeling of antiquity, important for a young brand focused on gaining respect swiftly within an established community. The second advert highlights impressive stats in concise ‘twitter’ like bursts. The third promotes the journal’s ‘Impact Factor’ & the subject areas covered interlaced with imagery. This is the strongest & fastest growing open access journal within the company portfolio.



Web design & build Web design & build Email design & build Web design & build

Tommy Penton is a London based artist & illustrator, he wished to retain the overall look & feel of his former site as well as have it work more efficiently on mobile devices & be able to sell his art online. Using a ‘mobile first’ approach with a progressive enhancement strategy I built the site from the ground up using HTML5, CSS3 & Google API fonts. Despite his reservations about using social media & through careful discussion the site is now fully assimilated with select social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter. Ecommerce integration is managed in BigCartel including offsite checkout with Paypal. I beta tested & usability tested the site & consolidated his email subscription list using Mailchimp. The email campaign concept was launched with a free print giveaway to announce the new design, generate traffic to the site itself & organically build his audience.



Digital design |  The Telegraph Digital design |  The Telegraph

Fashion section promotion for beauty care brand Soap & Glory. The marketing for this Telegraph campaign needed to reflect Christmas & appeal to the Fashion section’s readership. As the promotion was shortlived it required eye-catching sparkle & a strong CTA without the need for animation. Interstate font family used throughout.

Broad advertising used across The Telegraph website to promote their Personal Finance email. I used the fifty pound note for its strong typography & evocative connotation, overlayed with red from the email’s title it also subtly reminds the audience of the Chancellor of the Exchequer's scarlet briefcase which he shows to the public each year before announcing his budget for the country. Interstate font family used throughout.



Artwork & design Artwork & design Artwork & design Artwork & design Artwork & design

Leaflet designed to encourage new & existing clients to attend a more intimate evening drinks reception in New Orleans after a major conference. The colour theme originates from Mardis Gras — gold, purple & green respectively, the circles pay homage to the beads worn during the city’s carnival suggesting a more relaxed tone than the conference itself. Printed onto weighty 230gsm recycled matt stock, Whitney & Snell Roundhand fonts used.



Editorial design  |  Folk magazine Editorial design  |  Folk magazine Editorial design  |  Folk magazine Editorial design  |  Folk magazine Editorial design  |  Folk magazine Editorial design  |  Folk magazine

Folk magazine was conceived by a small group of London College of Fashion students as part of their final year collaborative thesis & based on the emerging fashion scene in Oslo. I was asked to design & artwork the 60 page fashion magazine. Printed as a limited run intended for personal use only & to showcase the work of those involved. Avant Garde & Georgia font used throughout. Kate Moss photographer unknown.



Editorial design  |  Christian Louboutin Editorial design  |  Empire magazine Editorial design  |  Empire magazine

Collection of self initiated projects — the first incorporates both illustration & the playful use of type with a woman crawling through the pages wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, which I also hand drew. The initial paragraph is block coloured in scarlet red directly referencing the famous red-tinted sole & aims to subtly draw the reader into the article through the use of colour.

The second & third slides are part of a five page editorial piece for Empire magazine. The article focused on Pixar’s Founder John Lasseter as Chief Creative Officer at Disney, discussing the first collaborative film ‘Bolt’ since his move. I was asked to design a five page editorial piece for the magazine as part of an job evaluation. Setting out to put the illustrations at the forefront of the design by making them as large possible to give full impact without infringing upon the article. By using delicate anchors such as the dog’s lead this brings the illustrations & editorial piece together & moves the eye across the page. The design uses house fonts & typographic direction which follows Empire’s house style at time of print. All illustrations property of Walt Disney.



Integrated design  |  full page print ad. Integrated design  |  print advertisements on the back cover of Nature magazine Integrated design  |  print advertisements on the back cover of Nature magazine Integrated design  |  email on the tablet Integrated design  |  banner Integrated design  |  print advertisements, banner

This campaign promoted Nature as a sponsor of the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York & includes Dr. James Watson & Marina Abramović on the jury. The festival intends to ‘bridge the gap between art & science through film’. The word science is made up of a many circles of bacteria as seen through a microscope. The word ‘art’ pays homage to Bridget Riley. Whitney font used throughout this campaign in varying weights.



  • branding
  • branding
  • branding
branding branding branding

I was asked to create an emblem for Bristol based hynotherapist Annette Sloly. After working through various image based emblems the client wished to investigate letter based alternatives. The design brief included the adjectives clean & elegant & Annette was after a pared back icon so it would endure the test of time & exude a sense of calmness for prospective patients. DIN Light & Lobster font used.



  • Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels
  • Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels
  • Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels
  • Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels
  • Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels
  • Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels
Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels Packaging Design  |  Coffee labels

Packaging design for the Coffee Plant on Portobello Road. Each bean type was photographed & accompanied by an evocative description & footnote which points out whether the bean is organic &/or fairtrade. The concept I proposed was to employ varying shades of green based around the brand’s primary colour – each tone also has a direct link to the bean origin country’s in some way — from their flag or national coat of arms for example. This graduated colour scheme intended to make it easy for customers to select subconsciously during busy times & once they had become familiar with their desired bean. Caecilia Light & DIN font family used.



  • Illustration  |  Camera
  • Illustration  |  Coffee
  • Illustration  |  Kate
  • Illustration  |  Nova
  • Illustration  |  Untitled
  • Illustration  |  Telephone
  • Illustration  |  Orchid
  • Illustration  |  Orchid
  • Illustration  |  Peony
  • helleborus  |  Nova
  • Illustration  |  Pattern
  • Illustration  |  Windows
  • Illustration  |  Virtual Reality (created for a university campus app, to help guide students around the campus prior to their visit)
  • Illustration  |  Hand
  • Illustration  |  Football
Illustration  |  Camera Illustration  |  Coffee Illustration  |  Kate Illustration  |  Nova Illustration  |  Untitled Illustration  |  Telephone Illustration  |  Orchid Illustration  |  Orchid Illustration  |  Peony Illustration  |  helleborus Illustration  |  Pattern Illustration  |  Windows Illustration  |  Virtual Reality Illustration  |  Hand Illustration  |  Football

Small collection of illustrations & drawings. Works in pencil, acrylic & computer based — focusing on women, plants, everyday objects & patterns.





Hello. I am a fast, creative and conscientious graphic designer with a strong visual style, tasteful understanding of colour, type and composition. Graduating in 2004, with a degree in Print and Publishing Production (HND) from the University of the Arts, and have since gained thirteen years commercial experience. I have a solid background using the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, HTML5 and CSS, with a fondness to illustrate by hand. I thrive collaborating on a team, independently or remotely from my studio. An ability to multitask efficiently and prioritize on projects effectively — from conception through to completion and within deadline. Experience in web design and build, UX/UI, email concept and design, editorial design, animation, branding and brand management, magazine and book publishing, agency and client facing, retouching, artworking, reprographics and typography.



As well as working for Claire as a photographer I have also used Claire’s design skills to undertake several projects of my own. On all occasions I have found Claire a very inspiring person to work with. She has great knowledge of both print and web design and always opens my eyes to new ideas and platforms to use. Claire offers fresh ideas when working and is always up to date with what is happening in the design world. She is a pleasure to work with and always welcomes you with her wide smile. I would recommend Claire for any design project.

“Claire is a very skilled and creative Freelancer who is warm and friendly to work with. She has good social skills and ensures her concerns or questions about the project is always communicated to the production team. She is a pleasure to work with and we will always look forward to seeing her again at the studios.”

“Claire worked with us at Snaptrip for a few months helping us out with an upcoming redesign and brand refresh. Not only was her work of a high standard, both in terms of visual output but also in terms of being very thoughtful, methodical and well researched in her approach, but she was an absolute joy to have in the office. She worked on a range of things for us from logo designs, to email building (design and coding) and web designs. Always smiling and positive, whether you're looking for a graphic, web or email designer, I'd have no hesitation at all in recommending Claire.”

“Claire was employed to work on a one-month project, which became six months. I trusted Claire implicitly to manage the work, other designers & developers, whilst always hitting very tight deadlines. She worked with other teams within the company & multi-tasked other projects, whilst still keeping her focus & completing all tasks required. Claire’s technical knowledge is outstanding; she fixed our long standing issues & suggested other ideas to help our improve our processes. Towards the end of her contract she created handover documentation that included wireframes & html email templates to help future designers.

Claire is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is friendly & has a very positive outlook. I would highly recommend Claire to any future employer for her undivided attention, enthusiasm & strong work ethic.”

“Claire began working for the in-house design studio in a freelance capacity. She showed such a positive attitude & integrated so well into the team that five months later she was offered the role of Senior Designer. Since then, with my support, she has taken ownership of the ’academic journals‘ portfolio, creating templates, guidelines & offering support & training across the small team.

A key team member, Claire arranged inspirational bimonthly creative outings to exhibitions & museums. In 2012 she embarked on a six month secondment with our New York office, where she provided design support to the US marketing team. Over this period Claire has been a pleasure to work with, reliable & extremely proficient across the Adobe Creative Suite.”

“Outstanding integrated designer, who can put her creative mind to anything print or digital. Claire has helped me out for the last year on various projects at The Telegraph, she has a key eye for detail & can get the job done to the highest of standards. That aside, Claire is a fun character to have around with a very professional attitude. I more than highly recommend Claire.”

“For two years Claire has been the lead designer on the majority of my marketing campaigns, & simply put, she is wonderful to work with. She takes a holistic approach as she considers the objectives of an entire campaign. She’s a great collaborator & makes creative suggestions previously not thought of. I would recommend her highly.”

“From the very first interview, I was drawn to Claire, both for her creative talent as exhibited in her portfolio & in her enthusiasm for the role. In the three years she worked at Kingfisher, Claire showed a zeal & dedication to the job that impressed everyone in the company. She was a true team player, always willing to go that extra step & working well under what were often extremely tight production deadlines. Her Photoshop skills, attention to detail & eye for design cannot be faulted.

I feel confident in recommending Claire for any future design role to which she may apply, without any reservations.”

“I had recently started in my position & was given the task of organising a printed invite for an event with a tight turnaround time. Claire & I collaborated on a very refreshing & updated look to the recycled design that had had been used for the same event in previous years. With Claire’s help we managed to achieve a great looking final design within a very tight schedule. Fantastic result for us both!”

“Claire is a talented & creative designer/artworker & has an excellent eye for design.”

“It was a pleasure working with Claire on the Naturejobs campaign, she’s creative & has a good eye for detail. The series of ads that Claire developed were an innovative way to demonstrate our key messages.”

“Working with Claire is a pleasure. Her eye for design is uncanny, & her temperament & personality make communication a breeze. Each project we’ve worked on has been a success, & the final product always exceeds my expectations in quality.”

“I have worked with Claire for the past five years & found her to be such a reliable designer with impeccable design skill. She is open to new ideas & feedback. Her brilliant design give me confidence presenting marketing concepts to our various clients.”



Please email me to talk through your project or commission in further detail.